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At BoltSMS, we promise and deliver unrivalled value: efficient communication. Our Text Direct solution is the first of its kind in Nigeria. We present you a service for sending bulk SMS direct from your mobile phone to the different lists available on your online address book. No Internet connection needed.

Now you can send bulk SMS to your phonebook right from your GSM phone without Internet connection.

Just send an SMS from the phone number you registered with in the format: password@group name@text message to 08168888388.

How It Works

This service is an economic way to send "Bulk SMS" from your phone. If you are sending just to one person at a time, we advise you to use do so through the website. For instance, you have an account on and the mobile number supplied when you were registering is 2348012347890, access password to your online SMS account is 2010, and you have a list on you online phone book called ‘parents’. An SMS to this list may read as such: "Dear parents, this is to inform you that December 25, 2010 has been scheduled as open day. Please endeavor to come. Thanks."

To send this message using Text Direct, compose SMS from the mobile 2348012347890 as given below:

2010@parents@Dear parents, this is to inform you that December 25, 2010 has been declared as Open Day. Please endeavor to come. Thanks.

Simply send to 08168888388. The message gets delivered to every mobile number listed on the Parents phonebook list.


Extra Features available on Text Direct

To check balance:

your password@bal

e.g. 2010@bal

To transfer SMS Units:

Your password@transfer@amount@recipient username

e.g. 2010@transfer@4000@FLORENCE

Member with username FLORENCE will receive 4000 SMS units from you.


To get the total GSM numbers in a phonebook group list:

Your password@group list@count

e.g. 2010@Colleagues@count

The total numbers in the phonebook group called "Colleagues" will be sent to you.


  • · The mobile number, 08168888388, is configured for data processing only. It will not handle calls.
  • · Password is case-sensitive.
  • · Password must be followed immediately by the @ symbol.
  • · Group name must be followed immediately by the @ symbol.


This means that there should be no space between the group name and @ symbol, likewise between the password and group name. Otherwise your message will not be delivered.

Please note that you can only use this service on the mobile line you registered with. This is because the line has been mapped to your SMS account.

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5000-9999=N3.10 per SMS
10000-49999=N3.00 per SMS
50000-99999=N2.90 per SMS
100000-499999=N2.80 per SMS

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