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Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Hosting is a special service enabling you to access your incoming SMS and to send outgoing SMS over the Internet at anytime, from anywhere.

We host your SIM card in our server warehouse. Your SIM module is kept online and running 365/24/7 at our datacenter. The SIM can be a dedicated

number or a shared number having a keyword.

No hassle of owning a server or GSM device, your SIM is available for communication and business at all times. The SIM hosting service also forwards SMS messages received to your specified email, website, database, or URL. The software that is used can also receive SMS with variables which have information regarding mobile number or message text of the sender..

There are several features which all SIM Hosting services offer. Firstly, it is a global feature, but if there are short code numbers, they are limited to one country. So, how much more would this service cost you? This fantastic service is charged at the regular SMS rate. No extra charges for receiving your SMS messages. It is a suitable service for GSM and CDMA operators. We guarantee a 99.999 % uptime.

You can receive unlimited SMS, but SMS forwarding will be charged based on your BULK SMS account per SMS. But if it is within the free credits offered to you, you are exempted from payment. Email forwarding, the URL post, web-based control panel and real-time web based reporting are some of the added features of SMS hosting services.
The service is straightforward. You simply supply BoltSMS with your GSM SIM card and we host it for you in our SIM FARM . Hosting of a SIM card involves installing it in a SIM slot in one of our SERVER. Our application servers check your SIM card for content every 3 seconds. Because it is a SIM based technology, the maximum throughput of messages is one per 3 seconds. The incoming messages are processed and entered into a secure database and all messages are associated with your account on BoltSMS

In order to view the incoming messages, you can log in to your account and download them in Microsoft® excel compatible CSV format, or (at no extra cost) you can have the messages forwarded to you via email, or HTTP POST'ed to your own application server (to trigger off other automatic events for example).

n order to set the service up, you need to:

1) Buy a SIM card from a mobile provider. This You may also want to have a memorable mobile number. Please contact us if you require advice on purchasing either a memorable number or a SIM card.

2) Once you have your SIM, contact us to arrange hosting costs.

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Our SMS Pricing

1,000 Units is N2.25K/SMS

10,000 Units is N2.00K/SMS

50,000 Units is  N1.95k/SMS

1 Unit to all GSM Networks in Nigeria


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